Wayfinders - Winnipeg, MB, 2019.
This project was done in partnership with Synonym Art Consultation and Wall-To-Wall Winnipeg Mural & Culture Festival. The client, Wayfinderswanted to participate and had asked for me to create 2 murals based on any theme I thought appropriate.
When it came to decide I thought of what they offer in their programming. They are a community-based mentorship and outreach program that helps high-school aged students. I thought that what they are doing is helping kids grow and succeed, so I chose the theme of "Growth" to focus on the art workshop portion.
The murals had a similar theme but I wanted to expand on it. The Eagle mural is called "Unconditional Love". The eagle represents Love, and if we choose to do something with our skills and talents, we need to do our best to love what we do so we can succeed.
The mural with the hand is titled "Warrior". A warrior is someone who goes ahead of the pack. They are responsible for others and their well being. When I see the youth, I see our future warriors, ready and willing to venture into the unknown to ensure our future generations.​​​​​​​
Client: Wayfinders
Photos: Julio César Assis (Buio) @bnbstudios
Project Facilitators: Synonym Art Consultation
Many thanks to Graffiti Art Programming
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