Manitoba 150 / The ForksWinnipeg, MB, 2022.
I was asked by the Manitoba 150 in partnership with The Forks and Synonym Art Consultation to create 4 additional murals that spoke to the theme of "Manitoba 150". I wanted to create murals that each told a story.
The furthest on the left is titled "Elk Crossing the Water". The story of perseverance was something I wanted to show, in spirit of the Indigenous people who have worked so hard to be included in today's modern society after such a long history of discrimination.
The second from the left is titled "Together". The Forks has been a historic meeting and gathering place for many nations and peoples. You can see the Red River in the background with the hands positioned where the Forks site is geographically.
The third from the left is the "Respect". This refers to the indigenous peoples who roamed these lands without segregation and lived off the land with the animals, such as the Buffalo of the plains. Respect is also one of the 7 Sacred Teachings which the spirit of the Buffalo carries.
The furthest to the right is "Love Grows". Love is needed to grow anything. This is exhibited in nature. I have and adoration for flowers and I wanted to show the colour energy emanating from the heart outwards towards the world around it.

Client: Manitoba 150
Assisted by: Ilana Pichon, Matthew Yathon, Monique LaPlante.
Photos: Julio César Assis (Buio) @bnbstudios
Project Facilitators: Synonym Art Consultation
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