Since I moved to Winnipeg in 2001 I've noticed the continual need for public amenities along with access to safe spaces. Upon receiving a request to work with SNA I was more than willing to be a part of this project. I chose the Buffalo and the eagle, flowers and a wolf to represent love, respect, growth and humility. We need all of these qualities when caring for others. 
Chi Miigwech to and @ranieldarshalmoss for the assistance yet again. This was Daniels first time painting something like this and I’m so glad he did.

Another thank you goes to Peter Hargraves at Sputnik Architecture and Anvil Tree for providing space to paint in the clutch. We couldn’t have don’t this without the help of so many others behind the scenes. So much energy and time goes into something like this which I do not take for granted.

This work can be seen at the corner of Cumberland & Maryland in Winnipeg.
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