I am not an Indian - Launch: Apr 12 at 7 pm - May 31, 109 Higgins Ave.

This exhibit was focussed on the past. It was especially hard because it addressed the Canadian Residential School system and the healing road in which most indigenous people are on. I myself am a grandchild of a survivor. The artwork, mainly illustrations, had already been completed prior to this exhibition. At the time I had been drawing for a few years straight creating works related to my indigenous heritage. I was pleased with the work but the exhibit needed to have something more.
I wanted to explore installation work and I had one idea in mind. It was to have the Indian Act on display in a very big way. The space was perfect for it. Coming from Peguis First Nation and having committed to the sacred Sundance I wanted to carry the teachings I was given and share them as well.
The installation of a sacred tree with ribbons were attached it to the Indian Act mural. Below in between were mock graves made of of dirt to represent the children who did not make it home from so many residential schools. It was a very spiritual and memorable experience to be a part of. Many people were moved by what they had witnessed.
At the launch I was introduced and I sang the Bear song to everyone with my hand drum. I wanted people to come and have a place to express anything they may have experienced due to the residential school system. ​​​​​​
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