Firekeeper - Launch: Nov 1 at 7 pm - Dec 6 Artist Talk: Nov 23 at 7pm, 2-290 McDermot Ave.
Firekeeper was created with the intention of sharing my indigenous culture with the goal that the art and space would enable self-reflection and healing. The term Firekeeper is a name given to anyone who is responsible for keeping a sacred fire lit during any sacred ceremony. In many ways that is what I try to do but not with literal fire, but through art. 
Indigenous cultures in Canada and beyond have been oppressed for many years. I felt a responsibility to share and preserve our ways in the best way I know how. Paintings, installation, a mural, video projection, sacred bundle and fire pit were among my efforts to communicate that our sacred ways are alive and well.
Artist Talk
Gallery: ace art inc.
Photos: Julio César Assis (Buio) @bnbstudios
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