OV Jewitt Community School - Endless Love
This mural started with four in-classroom workshops which I facilitated. We all brainstormed together about what the subject matter should be for the courtyard wall. We thought a lot about what we all liked and what we loved about nature. As this was indigenous themed it was important to also include any of the sacred teachings or myths and medicines. 
After our last workshop I took all of the energy and images drawn by the student home to evaluate and decide what I would include. The main feeling I got from that experience, was love. So much joy and care goes into what we all do as artists. It is when we can share that creation journey with others that we see the impact art has on the world.
This is one of my most cherished experiences and I hop that all who attend OV Jewitt receive as much love as I did while working with the staff and students. I hope that the mural reminds them that they are loved.

Assisted by: Kailey Sheppard, Raquelle Schupp.
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