CEDA - Winnipeg, MB, 2020.
CEDA, short for Community Education Development Association first approached me about their idea to brighten the exterior of their office. We felt it was important to include the students they teach in the planning process. The first step was a meet/brainstorming session with the students. We talked, shared, wrote and drew on a whiteboard about what they would like to see. Many ideas were suggested and you get what you see below. The murals were painted on plywood panels with latex paint.
Tree of Life
This mural is focussed on the urban indigenous spirit within the city of Winnipeg in harmony with nature. The roots will be the seven colour rainbow, with 2 spirits speaking on either side. The tree of life represents our connection to the earth and to the prayers we all have. It is surrounded by nature, the moon on the left and the sun on the right. Within a heart blooms a flower with a male and female youth at the top supporting a white feather which represents balance. Tobacco leaves are also flowing throughout the design as an offering of thanks to all who took part in this process.
We will carry your Spirit
This was made in memory of the youth at CEDA and their memory of their friend Yassin. The youth (his friends) holding him up, along with a teacher in the center of the group while he is greeted by the creator in the sky. A rainbow is also in the sky connected to him as he ascends. Tobacco leaves are also flowing throughout the design as an offering of thanks to all who took part in this process.
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